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Cerne Abbas' brewing heritage

The foundation for Cerne Abbas Brewery doth lie beyond the 10th Century. For the ancient art of brewing was prolifically practiced by the brothers of the  Cerne Abbey, It was in 1166 that Father Bernard left the long established Cerne Abbey as the marauding monks of Cerne Abbas deemed to be an uncontrollable rabble. He headed to the calmer benefice of Burton on Trent. Could he have taken the brewing secrets with him? 

In the 18th century Bishop Richard Pocock described Cerne Abbas as "more famous for it's beer then in any other place in the country." Cerne Abbas beer was exported to New York and London.  The green sand geology of the area makes the water supremely ideal for beer making. 
This is the reason why our village had 17 pubs at it's peak and still has 3 thriving pubs to this day. 
The last brewer James Northover, hung up his apron in 1883. 
For more on the history of Cerne Abbas, brewing and our Giant do visit   Cerne Abbas Historical Society's Website
Cerne Abbas Brewery now
In 2016 after over 130 years brewing returned to Cerne Abbas.
The brewery is now nestled into the Cerne Valley, our barley is grown by Dorset’s longest standing organic farmer Will Best at his Manor Farm in Godmanstone.  Once spent, the barley returns to Manor Farm and Pound Farm in Nether Cerne to feed the dairy herds minimising waste and food miles. We use exceptional ingredients to recreate the beer Cerne Abbas was once so famous for and exported to New York and London.  The green sand geology of the area makes the water supremely ideal for beer making.  

The brewing history of Cerne Abbas, along with its notorious chalk giant provides the brewery with a strong pedigree and instantly identifiable product.  Seasonal beers which celebrate past brewers, village characters and the exceptional local landscape are building the brewery’s reputation in Dorset and beyond.  It is these elements which combine with local accommodation, tea houses and pubs promote and bolster rural tourism and employment in the Cerne Valley.


We look forward to welcoming you to our village.

We, The Cerne Abbas Brewery, hereby pledge to produce the finest ales possible. We will carry out this mission with pride and passion. Not a sausage of quality will be compromised in the brewing of our beers. Beer shall come first, and the rest shall follow. We are a modest brewery with Giant integrity, rooted in experience and understanding of the noble art of brewing.


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