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Responsibly 3.2%

Crisp and refreshing light ale. Hopped with Azacca hop named after the Hiatian god of agriculture. Please drink Responsibly. 


Ale 3.8

Flagship beer is called "ALE" 3.8% Tawny Ale, well balanced and triple hopped, recent award winner of best in festival at Octoberfest 2014. Og of 1040 this beer has a supple middle with a fuller mouth feel due to extra time conditioning, leaving you with a refreshing finish. Ale is available by cask and bottle.

Ginger Fox 3.8

Bottles only. Traditionally brewed with barley, hops, yeast and water. Only this special beer has over 25KG of fresh root ginger added! Most of the ginger is pitched in to the boil between the bittering and the late hops, this gives an excellent extract without losing too much up the chimney. The rest is added to the FV so the yeast attenuation can get to work on it. This beer is cold filtered for bottles only. Occasionally available on cask fined or unfined.

Blonde 4.2%

The intention was to brew a changing monthly blonde beer that is lighter than the ALE. With the variation every month on the hops only, this quickly evolved into a single hopped beer. We have now decided our favourite is Jester hop and we are sticking with it. Jester is a very new hop from the British hop breeding program. 

                   Bottle Blonde 4.2%

                  This a closely related to Blonde, but available by bottle. It is a light                       beer ideal for the all day imbibement...


Tiger Tom Ruby Mild 4.4%

We have named this black country mild after legendary Cerne Abbas blacksmith Tiger Tom Curtis, described by many as a Gurt square hairy man. A deep ruby mild, delicately hopped with bramling cross to give a subtle blackcurrantness to this light drinking dark mild. Cheers Tom!

Available in cask and bottle condition.... bottles.

Watercress Warrior 4.5%

Made with the finest ingredients of UK Watercress from our friends at The Watercress Company, mineral rich spring water and Flyer hops.

Available in bottles and cask.



Leggless Jester 4.7%

This beer is based on our Ale, the twist to the tale is we then dry hopped with Jester to bring out the best of the hop. Described as fruity but not citrussy, well rounded and deceptively easy to drink. Available in cask and bottles.





Styrian Wolf 4.7%

Authentic Dorset Slovenian Bohemian Liker Lager. Available in cask and bottles.

Gurt Stout 6.2%

A silky, supple and comforting Gentle Giant of a beer. Brewed with a smattering of Azacca hops that are named after the Haitain god of agriculture. Gurt Stout is proof that all the gods love us and want us to be happy! Available in Casks and Cans.


Gurt Coconuts Rum Stout 7.2

Its Gurt, its rum, its coconutty. Vic successfully conducted one of his experiments again with his old oak rum cask with no black sticky explosions this time! We were saving this for ourselves until Christmas, However Jodie the gaffer was getting twitchy regarding his "cask rotation" and declared "let them have it at Weymouth, that way it will get appreciated and I get one of my pins back in circulation!" Available now in cask, bottles and cans.

We, The Cerne Abbas Brewery,  
hereby pledge to produce the finest ales possible. 
We will carry out this mission with pride and passion. 
Not a sausage of quality will be compromised,
the beer shall come first and the rest will follow. 
We are a small brewery, with giant integrity rooted in experience
and understanding of the noble art of brewing. 



Winner Gurt Rum and Coconuts Stout

Finalist in Brewer category 

Top 3 of Dorset Magazine’s beverage category


Winner Gurt Rum & Coconuts Stout

1st Gurt Rum & Coconuts Stout

2nd Gurt Stout

2016 SW Beer Awards Bronze Styrian Wolf

Winner of  Campaign for Real Ale’s October - fest 

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